From her return to Kampala, Uganda in 2008 Roshan Karmali (ig: @masaani) has built her reputation within the art community as a creative events organizer, content creator and curator . Her event Poetry In Session, (2009/2018) is a pioneering event which creates a space for Poets and creatives to perform work to critical and constructive peers. A working poet herself the event has become is an outlet for some of most influential and popular poets in Uganda. Contributing much to the contemporary poetry communities history in Kampala.

In 2016 Roshan Co- Founded Kelele: Noise on the Nile. An acoustic event which brings artists to the Nile to celebrate indigenous instruments and the joining of the old sounds with the new interpretations from young artists globally.

Roshan has also designed sets, installations and stages for local organizations such as Bayimba and the Gze Kampala Street ArtFestival. As well as being part of the award winning documentary “Somebody Clap For Me”