Waangenga Blanco is a dancer, choreographer and actor. Who for the past 13 years has performed as a senior artist at Bangarra Dance Theatre. A proud indigenous man who descends from the Pajinka Wik in Cape York and Meriam Mer the furthest eastern island in the Torres Strait. His desire to learn more about his culture began with his love for dance. After studying at Naisda for 3 years he was invited to dance professionally for Bangarra.

With diverse moonlighting in TVC, Virtual Reality Film, Feature Film, Music Video’s and dance film… Waangenga has toured globally and nationally for over a decade. His unwavering passion for his craft lead him to choreograph ‘I.B.I.S’ for Bangarra’s 2015 National Tour where in the same year he won the ‘Australian Dance Awards’ prize for ‘Outstanding Performance by a Male Dancer’. With numerous nominations throughout his career, Blanco also took home a Green Room Award for Outstanding Male Dancer for his work in Bangarra’s 2014 production of Patyegarang. And a Helpmann award for best male dancer 2019.