Xolile Mabuza is a designer and a poet from Lihawu, a village outside Mbombela. Xolile is a creator, thinker, writer and a spoken word artist. She started writing poetry at the age of 17 and she has not looked back. She writes mostly about things she couldn’t talk about: the pain, the lessons and experiences that have brought her to where she is today. Xolile began speaking when she started performing and that is how she found her voice back after so many years of been quiet.

She has been profiled on a number of different radio stations, has shared her poetry and stories at the Casambo Jam Sessions. Xolile is an International poet, she has performed at Maseru and Morija art centre in Lesotho, and she has also performed at the 2019 Story-Fest in Sydney and at the Opera House (at the Australia National Poetry slam-final). She has performed at the provincial women’s day celebration in Mpumalanga 2019 and she was one of the artists, who performed at Satmas awards nominee announcement August, 2019. Xolile was part of the Badalisha poetry exchange that took place in Mbombela June 2017. Some of her work is published in the Best New African Poets 2018 Anthology and her short stories are published by Naane Le Moya (where she was a resident writer.

Xolile host monthly poetry shows in Pienaar where people from her community and nearby schools get the opportunity to share their poetry and learn from each other’s. In some of the shows she invites different poets from other provinces to share their words and experiences. Xolile has been performing in different stages around Mpumalanga, sharing her poetry, her words and healing with other people.