Consciousness for the Subconscious: A Mindful Poetry Podcast

Red Dirt Poetry Festival invites you to relax with us, meditate or even fall asleep. We all need and deserve some time out to rest, every night of the festival we will release a new episode on 8CCC and online. In this short podcast our poets will speak to your subconscious and help guide you to creatively relax and support your mind to process the world around us and the spaces we occupy.

Episode 1: Leni Shilton
Leni Shilton is a poet and educator. She grew up in Papua New Guinea and Melbourne, and lives in Mparntwe/Alice Springs. She has written two verse novels: Malcolm (2019 UWAP) and Walking with camels – the story of Bertha Strehlow (2018 UWAP), the winner of the 2020 Chief Ministers Fiction Book Award.
Episode 2: Rowan Rose

Rowan Rose is interested in change and the many ways that living things interact with change. They give thanks to the queers, artists and activists who they have learned from. Currently living on the lands of the Widjabul Wia-bal peoples of the Bundjalung nation, otherwise known as Lismore or Lovemore.

Episode 3: Raynen Bajette Amos

Raynen is an artist and writer, with a dance practice and a background in film studies. They write with attention to relationality, place and cultural and politicised somatics. Their writing has appeared with Red Room Poetry, Scum Mag, Dancehouse Diaries, the Emerging Writers’ Festival, Enqueer Queer Writers’ Festival, and more.

Episode 4: Samara Fernandez

Samara is a proud Warlpiri woman. Her culture and heritage mean a lot to her. She works hard to advocate for Indigenous and social justice issues. She is very new to poetry, but loves the freedom it gives her. Mostly she just writes about what is on her mind. She hopes you enjoy her pieces.

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Consciousness for the Subconscious: A Mindful Poetry Podcast