Architype Augmented

Welcome to Architype Augmented.

A guided experience and poetry building game,
Where you explore a house together.
It is written by Rae White, and myself; Ray Cox.

Download Resources

I will be your guide to play. I will explain how to play the game as we move through each step.

There will be times when I instruct you to pause the audio. Each Pause will also line up with the end of the current track, to make it easier to reset if needed.

Resume playback when you’re ready to continue.

Let’s practice that.

Pause now.

As you play, you will be reading prompts, writing poems, imagining strange spaces, and reading out each other’s poems. You’ll be working together, collaborating, and helping each other.

You will be building, and exploring, a house made out of poetry.

Let’s begin with some set up.

You should each prepare a means of writing, this might be paper and pencil, an app on your phone, or a word document. Whatever is easiest for you.

Pause now

Next you will need access to the Rooms and Prompts.

We included text files full of these alongside the other play resources. (Download here)

If you don’t have access to those files, you can use the Architype Twitter bot. It generates a list of prompts and rooms. Find it @ ArchitypeGame on twitter.

Pause now.

Now we can begin to play.

As you enter this decrepit house, you each head off to explore rooms.
You can explore any room you like, and the house can have as many rooms as you wish.
If this is your first time playing, you should each explore 1 room.
Take a look at the list of Rooms and choose for yourself, or pick one at random.

Pause now.

The Rooms come with a starting line of poetry, half a line really.
It’s there to help if you get stuck. It’s a way to begin.

Next we’ll look at the Prompts. These represent what you see in your room.
Choose as many Prompts as you like, I recommend grabbing 1 at least.
But not more than 4.

Pause now.

Now, we start writing.

Imagine the room, if you can.
Imagine the room, filled with your prompts.
Strange items, odd stains, miss matched architecture.

Next, try and describe the room. Lean on the prompts you’ve picked.
Try to fit all of your prompts into what you describe.
Then write your description down.
You’ve just written a poem.

If you get stuck, ask the people with you for help.
Trade prompts.
Work together.
Help each other.

Keep writing until each person has a description for the rooms they picked.

Pause now.

Once everyone is finished composing their poem, decide how you will bring it to an end.

Option 1: each person reads out one other person’s poem, until all the rooms are explored.
Option 2: one of you acts as someone exploring each room of this strange house. Reading out the poem for each room as you wander through it.

Amongst yourselves, decide how you will finish.

Pause now.

Once you’ve chosen how to end it, follow through…end it.

Pause now

If all has gone well, you’ve just finished exploring a rather strange house.
You’ve also just written some rather strange poems.

Thank you for playing.
I hope you enjoyed yourself.
And I hope you’ll play again.