Deadly Editors: Talking First Nation Anthologies

Three leading Indigenous poets discuss the new wave of First Nation anthologies that have arrived on bookshelves this year. Jeanine Leane (Guwayu), Alison Whittaker (Fire Front) and Ellen van Neerven (Homeland Calling) yarn about process, poets, publishers and the politics of editing.

Woven within this session will be performances by poets who feature in all three anthologies – Declan Furber Gillick and Melanie Mununggurr, plus a special live giveaway of the three anthologies.

This special free Red Room Poetry event is presented in partnership with Red Dirt Poetry Festival as part of their 2020 Online edition.

Pre-Order Guwayu here.

Order Fire Front here.

Order Homeland calling here.

Note: the event will be live streamed from the Facebook event page on the day.

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Deadly Editors: Talking First Nation Anthologies